Tuesday, 17 November 2009


...I nursed 2 very sick children
...I accepted a 4 week subbing position (that starts next week...aaaaah!)
...I finished the first step of making about 500 croquettes
...I listened to alot of Blues Clues
...I finished another layout
...I checked out some daycares for the very first time in my life
...I worried about my children dying
...I wondered about how things are going to work out
...I watched my kids sleeping (and cried while watching them)
...I am thankful for a husband who encourages, loves, hugs and treasures me

Saturday, 7 November 2009


I ran across this great discussion by Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of "Eat, Pray, Love") and had to share it. I LOVE her take on genius and creativity - what it means and what it doesn't mean. According to Gilbert, if you think you are a genius, it really isn't about you or what you've done or what you've learned or how smart you are, and if you think you aren't a genius, it isn't about what you haven't done or what you can't do or how inept you think you might be.

What I love about this concept is it takes the ego out and puts humility in it's place.

So many times I let fear and doubt make decisions for me - this idea of genius being 'another', takes me out of the equation. If I make something beautiful or write something profound, it is a gift. If what I try flops, it's a learning moment.

It is so amazingly simple.


It has been an insane week of playing catch up on all sorts of projects in the midst of helping out by sister-in-law (who just had the cutest baby ever!!). One of those projects was a video of our family summer vacation to Oregon. It was at least 8 hours of work taking 4 or 5 hours of raw footage to a 20 minute review of our 3 week long trip. I had it all done, saved it for Mike to watch before I burned it onto a DVD when somehow we lost it. I found the file, but somehow it was corrupted and will not open. I see it...but can't open it. Oh, the tears that were shed. So...I am trying again. Hopefully it won't take as long this time. (And this, as I told Mike, is why I make scrapbooks - because they don't just 'get lost') grrrrrrrr...