Friday, 23 July 2010

Just start

I have a confession to make. One of my very secret dreams is to be buff. Not slim like a supermodel. Buff. Legs like a speed skater. Biceps like a framer. Tone...and lots of it.

Fortunately, I have been given a body that has the potential. Unfortunately, it is still in the potential stage. After having three children, a lack-luster workout regime and a list of excuses as long as my arm (and leg!) my body isn't what I would like it to look like.

After talking to Mike about my dilemna, he encouraged me to just start with a run in the morning. (imagine that - just start? Don't I have to have a very well thought out plan of attack?) I promptly told him (and therefore, myself) in no uncertain terms (with a bowl of popcorn twists in my hand) that it wasn't going to happen. I needed time to psychologically build myself up. I will start in September. We are going on vacation next week - why start, then go on vacation? And after that, it just gets complicated with having kids around all the time. So September sounded like a good, thought out plan that would work for me.

And the funniest thing happened to me this morning. At 6:41 (a.m.) there was an incessant cry from one of the many birds that live in the tree outside of our bedroom window. I promptly turned over, put the sheets over my head and tried to block out the sound. Then - not four minutes late - at 6:45 (a.m.), Aaralyn called for me because of something (I don't even remember what anymore...) which made me get out of bed. And, me being me, jumped back into bed, thinking that perhaps I could fall asleep again.

In actuality, I was completely wide awake and had run out of excuses. So...I took it as a nudge from the big guy upstairs, got out of bed, did a bit of stretching and just started running. I'm not going to say it was a fabulous run because it wasn't. And it wasn't easy, either. But, I do believe the universe is pushing me in the right direction.

And that is where I need some help. Because the universe is pretty easy to ignore. People who hold me accountable aren't. So...I am looking for a few people who are wanting to step up to the fitness plate and take a bite or two. It doesn't matter if you live right next door or on the other side of the ocean.

Here's what I am hoping to do: commit to at least 30 minutes of intense exercise three times a week and find a few other people to do the same. We can encourage and inspire each other using this wonderful tool called the internet. We don't have to be doing the same exercise - obviously I am more fit that some and less fit than some - just encourage each other.

Anyone? If you are interested, e-mail me at thestoltes(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll take it from there. I can possibly do this on my own, but I know that it takes more than me to really succeed. Why not just start?

Monday, 19 July 2010

The past few weeks...

Has it really been almost a month since my last post? It seems these last few weeks have flown by, but it also feels as if it June was a VERY long time ago. Here's a few random pictures of what has been keeping me busy (and a few words as well...)

Saying goodbye to the girls on their last day of school. Eden was so overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of not seeing Ms. Jones for two months. She was weeping while having our celebratory after school ice cream cone at Purdy's. Actually weeping.

We were at the farmer's market one Saturday morning, and I bought some granola (hoping to get myself to do the healthy thing and eat some breakfast...). I remembered that I had a great recipe for making my own granola (which is actually really healthy and even more delicious!), and have been busy making at least a batch a week. I actually look forward to breakfast now!

We spent Canada Day at City Hall. Do we look like Twinkies? Yes. Do I care? No, not at all.

I have been on a bit of a sewing kick lately. I made this dress for Aaralyn out of a man's dress shirt I picked up for $3 at the thrift store. I am seriously in love with shirring! So, so cute (and easy)! Click here for a great tutorial.

I made another dress out of a rectangle of fabric - one for this beautiful girl and one for her sister. I used some of the leftovers to make a matching headband. Oh...she melts my heart!

And then, in between all the daily activities of life with three children, I was packing my bags for a trip to Mexico. And my pack didn't include bathing suits and books and sundresses. It was full of construction goodness - nail belts and work pants and safety glasses - all things necessary for joining a team to build a house for a family in Tijuana.

And here is the team the morning we left (and yes, that is a coffee in my hand - where is everyone else's? They all had one too!?!). This was an amazing team to work with - so much laughter and encouragement and friendship.

And here is the first house we built - an 11'X22' two-room house from the ground up. We laid the concrete, framed the walls, ran tar paper and chicken wire around the house, spread stucco (twice), laid shingle paper and tarred the roof, installed a door and some windows, laid a front step and voila! And all in three days. Not bad for a motley crew of Centrepointe-ians whose greatest asset is love for each other and for God. (well, that, and the good looks...)

We ended up having time to finish off another house that was waiting to be finished - a great gift to this family as well.

I'm sure this trip will come up again...experiences like this have a tendency to sneak into my mind when I am least expecting it.

And last weekend we spent with Mike's extended family at the Stolte reunion. We had quite a few laughs, enjoyed the beach immensely and was again reminded of the blessing of family.

Not a bad way to start the summer. So looking forward to the rest.