Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pre-school jitters

We have a case of the pre-school jitters. We're all a little crazy around here. Every activity is a bit on the weird side.

Ephraim has decided that now would be a good time to regress and start pooping in his underwear. And that now would also a good time to get in touch with his oppositional defiant side. Either that, or his hearing has vanished in the last week.

Eden's favourite word these past few days has been "why?". "Why can't we watch a video?" "Why are you cutting the potatoes that way?" "Why can't we have a puppy?". Absolutely incessant.

Aaralyn has a serious case of ants in her pants. She can't sit still for the life of her. And she is doing some major processing about entering Grade 1. I find pictures that she has drawn of herself in Grade 1 all over the house. She is writing letters to her Kindergarten teacher because she misses her so much. And she said to me just as she was going to sleep tonight "Mommy, can you teach me how to read tomorrow so I am ready for Grade 1?".

And I'm feeling quite agitated about the whole affair. It has been an intense and busy summer of travelling, with not alot of down time. Having three kids around full time hasn't been the easiest on me either. Don't get me wrong, it has been wonderful to have no schedule and just putter around the house in our pj's until noon. But I am definitely ready for the routine back.

And yet, it is hard to let these girls go. Especially when I know I'm not going to be around to fight for them. And I'm not going to be able to help them make 'good' decisions. And I'm not going to be there when they feel worried or hurt about something at school. And I'm not going to know every little details about their days. Each day they grow a little more independent and a little less dependant on me, and that is a hard pill to swallow. I can't even imagine what its going to be like when they head off to university...

And, to top it all off, I am processing my own future - looking for meaningful work again in a completely new field. It is just all a bit overwhelming.

The good news is, I have been happily back to school shopping, and loving every minute of it. I still have a few more things to get, but their new backpacks are filled with all things school, and we are all more than a little excited (and anxious) to get this new year started.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Boy Meets Girl

A little over fifteen years ago, this boy...

met this girl...

...sometime in 1993 and somewhere between the four (or so) walls of King's. There really wasn't the "love at first sight" thing that happens to some people. They really can't remember when they first saw each other or who introduced them. But they became fast friends. They would meet in the cafeteria before, during and after classes to "do homework". Sometimes their homework got done, but most of the time, what happened was conversation about life.

In 1995, the girl headed off to Europe to study in Holland, and left the boy behind. They continued to write letters and keep in touch as good friends. The girl came back to Edmonton with a boyfriend, which put a kink in the plans of the boy, who really wanted a bit more than the friendship they had.

One evening, while enjoying a beer at Boston Pizza (on Whyte Ave, if you like some detail...) they were talking about life partners and being alone. The girl asked a question, with a great amount of angst in her voice, I might add: "What if he (the boyfriend) is the best there is? What happens if I ditch him, and he's the one? How do I know there is someone else out there for me?". The boy responded: "Well, I'd date you."

Eight months later, the boy and girl were married...

...and since then have had quite a few different hair styles together. The boy decided to cut off his mullet, and while the boy was out tree-planting, the girl decided she didn't want hair anymore, so she shaved it off and "surprised" the boy. It didn't go over very well...

The boy and the girl also did quite a bit of travelling together. They taught English in Korea and adventured a bit around Asia and they drove all over the US and Canada, exploring together (the boy at this point, had blonde hair at the insistence of the girl, and the girl had longer hair at the insistence of the boy).

They decided to settle down for a while in Vancouver, and while the girl taught music in elementary schools around the Lower Mainland, the boy finished up a Master's Degree.

Then the boy and girl decided that maybe it would be a good time to start thinking about trying to have a baby. It was a bit of a slog to get started, but within 4 years, there were three little munchkins running around, bringing with them a lot of joy to the boy and girl. The boy and girl also moved to Edmonton to raise those little munchkins surrounded by extended family.

Now, fifteen years later, that boy and girl are still best friends. They are still very much in love. They still talk about life and love and fears and dreams. They still explore and take time for adventures. They still enjoy having beers together.

And that boy and girl can't wait for the adventures to come...

Friday, 20 August 2010

This weekend...

This weekend I am a single parent while Mike goes on a backpacking trip to Jasper on the Skyline trail. As much as I hate to see him go, I know that these kinds of trips feed his soul more than anything I know.

This weekend I am looking forward to biking around the neighbourhood again and again
Or doing some pushups (instead of running) so my abs can have a break
Or watching "Invictus", just because I can (and the library happened to have it on the shelf)
Or spending some time with some great friends
Or scrapbooking like a madwoman
Or maybe even stopping at DQ for a little tasty ice cream treat.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Summer Bliss has flown by once again.

Yes, I am still alive, even though it has been almost another month that has passed without a post. I guess that is the reality of summer! Oh but, it has been so worth it...books have been read, playgrounds and splash parks have been visited, lakes have been swam, roads have been travelled and yes, sidewalks have been (and continue to be) jogged.

Ah, summer. Here are a few shots of life wherever we have found ourselves these past few weeks...

Bubble gum ice cream + warm weather + family + camping + lakes = pure joy, my friends, pure joy.

These freckles just take my heart away. every. single. time.

Summer isn't complete without biking. And biking some more. And biking some more. And then biking again, just when we thought he was finished.

Being carried on Daddy's back in God's amazing back yard. Banff National Park is one stunning place indeed.

My two very favourite guys on the face of this earth. How in the world did I get so very, very blessed?

THE most amazing man EVER!! (in my shades, no less)

Books...and lots of them. I have been devouring books lately. Loving The Hunger Games Trilogy. Secret Daughter is amazing as well - great perspective on our NA lives and motherhood. Her Fearful Symmetry is pretty dark, but has a very interesting story line. I am working on a few easy-peasy reads and then going to start on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

And no summer is complete without running in the rain in the middle of a major thunderstorm - and we have been getting quite a few of these lately - and not one goes by without the kids getting soaked!

Goodness gracious, life is good.

PS: If anyone is wondering, I have been keeping up with my running. Slowly but surely, it is getting easier, and even - dare I say it - enjoyable. Just this morning I ran 7K. Unbelievable, I know, but hey...if I can do, so can you!!