Thursday, 22 January 2009


I am supposed to be coming up with 10 things that I am grateful for - it is a challenge put out by a group of women that I meet with every week - and I have decided that (surprise, surprise) I am going to take it one step further and create a mini album to celebrate all that I am thankful for. I thought I would get my journaling juices flowing by writing it down on my blog (and then I don't have to keep rehearsing it in my mind over and over again!!). Here goes, in no particular order:
1. Coffee - locally roasted (Transcend is THE best is Edmonton), Indonesian dark, just ground coffee is what gets me up every morning. Yes, it is an addiction, but, hey - everything in moderation!
2. Mike - Here is one passionate, dedicated, loving, loyal, delicious man. He is an amazing father, my best friend, a partner that knows no limits, and he really knows how to push my buttons! :)
3. Eden, Aaralyn and Ephraim - 3 kids for whom I would die for, who bless my days in so many ways, who test and sometimes irritate me beyond measure, who have taught me over and over again what it means to forgive, and who have made me understand was grace really means.
4. My church - a place where I can be me, with all my flaws; where I can dress up or dress down; where I meet God time and time again; where my gifts are utilized and loved and acknowledged and encouraged; where the Spirit sings over me; where Jesus has healed so much of my pain.
5. "Arting" - for lack of a better term, this includes all things from graphic design on the computer to stamping to altering spice racks for is such a blessing to have found something that feeds my soul, makes life a bit more beautiful for me and others that I love, and tells our story to our future generations.
6. Chocolate - I don't think a day goes by without this little indulgence. Of course, it has to be dark chocoate, but after that I am really not that picky...
7. Music - whether I'm listening to music, making music or singing music, I am a happy woman!!
8. Flowers - there is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten my day! My favourite flowers of all time are gerbera daisies and tulips.
9. Freedom - I feel so blessed to have been born in a country where peace is the norm, where human rights are expected and where freedom to laugh and love and speak and sing and dance and worship is part of the constitution
10. Wine - last, but not least...a nice Chilean or South African Shiraz is the perfect ending to most of my days lately. Granted, I could do without, but for the ability to finish my days off with such a gift, I am very grateful.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ephraim is (supposed to be) sleeping, the girls are watching a video, and I have a few minutes to "myself". Usually I would be making something up in the craft room, but as of late it has been too frustrating to be up there for me to enjoy myself. I guess I will just have to be patient and get to all my projects when I get to them. I should really get to paying some bills and balancing the books, but I would rather search the internet for more great ideas (like I need anymore!!). And I also have to come of with a picture for today...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lazy Winter Day

The day started out crazy - the girls and I were out the door by 7:45 this morning to get to church for worship practice (Mike didn't want to be left at home with 4 kids...), and I was going until about 2:00, and then crashed! I fell asleep with Ephraim in Aaralyn's bed, woke up and fell back asleep on the couch for another 2 hours. Mike took the girls sledding, as the weather was once again amazing today. Here's to lazy Sundays!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Free at last!

Well, we spent the WHOLE afternoon outside today! And what a glorious time it was (minus the girls' complaints about all the walking, that is). After making some muffins this morning (and making more dishes for Mike to do :), the 4 kids and I set out to the 'big' park after lunch. Ephraim and Parker in the wagon, Eden and Aaralyn walking, and me carrying the backpack full of 'supplies' and pulling the wagon through the snow. It was absolutely amazing today - warm (well, warm when what a person is used to is -20), and sunny, blue sky. We met Dave at the park, and he went crazy with the camera (and took some great shots), and played like crazy! Of course, after an hour in the snow, the kids were fine, but the whole bottom half of my body was soaked. I also regretted not having taken the time to buy winter boots since moving to Edmonton. So, after we were finished playing, we headed over to Mark's, and I found a great deal - $110 boots for only $30 - now THAT is a gift! The walk home, after a short trip to Second Cup for some dancing on the patio and hot chocolate, was very pleasant. What a great day!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A day of firsts

I am typing, for the first time this year, with my left hand free of that wretched splint, and it feels wonderful. My wrist has been immobile at a 15 degree angle for the last 2 weeks, and it is really surprising how much damage that can do to the rest of a person's arm!! I am going against my OT's orders (I'm not supposed to take the splint off for anything until my next appointment), but I have never been really great at following rules ("rules" is spelt g-u-i-d-e-l-i-n-e-s in my world...).
Today was another first for us here - the first day of 2009 that we found the mercury rising above a matter of fact, I think it was well above the 0 mark today. The girls spent some time outside, and I think tomorrow we may go to the park, as I have Parker tomorrow, and will need to get out of the house. I sure hope this "warm" spell lasts!!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The end of the day

Here I sit, behind the computer once again, so very tired, so very thankful, so very everything right now. I spent the morning preparing for Aaralyn's birthday party, spent the afternoon managing Aaralyn's birthday party (and thankfully Mike suggested we order pizza for dinner!), and spent the evening preparing for a family gathering at our place to celebrate Aaralyn once again. At times I wonder why I get so hot and bothered about birthdays and why I go so crazy to make my kid's birthdays so special. It is because I want them to know that this day is all about them and who they are and what they mean to us and how very important they are. What is a weekend? In the big scheme of things, not much really, but for Aaralyn's little developing brain and self, it is everything. And that is the reason why I go overboard.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


The kids are in bed, I am listening to some great music, trying to find some inspiration on some of the sb blogs I've become addicted to as of late. There are so many things I would love to fill my days with, and they really aren't what I am doing right now. There are so many practical things that need to get done - laundry, cooking, housecleaning, organizing - that take so much time. I want to sing, write music, create, have a bit of time to think. It is so ironic that 5 years ago I would have given my eye teeth for this life, and now that I have been so blessed (and yes, I do feel blessed) with these 3 amazing and beautiful kids, I find myself wishing that I could just go away so I can do things that feed my soul; I'm done feeding everyone else. And then I see these other women in the exact same situation as me, and they are publishing/editing/designing for CK. I wonder sometimes what is wrong with me - I feel so overwhelmed by so many things...I can't even keep my scrapbook room clean, let alone even think about my next project. I know what I need to do - stop trying to keep up with the Jones' (or BH or AE or EK) and just enjoy my kids - this stage of life will pass soon enough and then I will be wishing for these days again. Ah, the irony of the human mind...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

January 4, 2009

Here I sit at church in my role as sound person today, listening to the band practice and amazed at the talent we have here at Centrepointe.  We are truly blessed!  I am supposed to be leading worship next week - we'll see how that goes.  I still can't really use my left hand on the piano - this splint is just way too big and bulky.  I have an OT appointment tomorrow, and I am hoping that I may get this splint off, and get on with life.  I did take a look at the damage yesterday, and had a difficult time seeing the wound;  it is pretty gross.  I am trusting the surgeon was correct when he said that hand wounds don't typically scar because this pretty much makes my hand look like Frankenstein!  I had to tell the story a number of times last night at the annual CHVB Christmas party, and of course, it was received with shivers and grimacing faces; on the bright side I have a very impactful story to tell!!  

Friday, 2 January 2009

January 2, 2009

We just came back from spending the evening with Jake and Laura and their kids, which is always a great time. Eden had a MAJOR meltdown as we were leaving; no surprise there - all the kids were exhausted after last night's forays with the annual Stolte Christmas gift opening. It just so happens that Eden wears her emotions on her sleeve (a personality trait to which I can totally relate!!).
So, the question is, do I make new year's resolutions or don't I? Mike is dead set against them - but I find that I enjoy having a whole year ahead of me that is a blank slate where I can write my hopes and dreams. The flip side, however, is that if I do make some resolutions, as I just setting myself up for failure? (WOW! That sounds a bit defeatist!!). That being said, there are a few things that I would like to try to accomplish, the most important thing being TRY, not ACCOMPLISH...
  1. run more and maybe even run a race or two this summer (or spring or fall...)
  2. read scripture more
  3. be more my the Spirit

Like a good three point sermon, there it is. Three goals for myself to work on each and every day. No qualifiers (not run 3 times per week, just more), no games, just goals that I can work at. Now...maybe I should make something pretty to hang where I will see them everyday...