Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely Green

This morning I dropped Ephraim off at preschool, excited that we could walk outside without mittens and toques.  Mostly though, I am loving the sun.

It is up early and goes to bed late.
In the morning, it shines through our east facing window, leaving rainbows all over the walls.
In the afternoon, it's rays warm my face as I stand in front of the south facing window and watch the drip, drip, drip of melting snow everywhere I look.
In the evening, it is so bright in our west facing kitchen that I find myself shielding my eyes with my arm while I am cooking dinner.  

But, I digress.  

As I was walking up our front walk after dropping Ephraim off, I noticed something green (GREEN!!!) pushing it's way through the receding snow.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the beginnings of one of the many primroses that I have in the front (one of my very favourite plants in this cold northern climate). 

I actually started to cry.  Literally.  And then I went and grabbed my camera.  

It has been a long, cold, snowy winter -  but today is the day that Hope has once again won.  Spring is on it's way.

As much as I hate winter, I know that without it, these little green plants would not be nearly as miraculous.  And with the sun shining and my primroses poking their beautiful green-ness out of the show, winter has almost become a distant memory.

Not quite, but almost...

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