Monday, 13 July 2009

Mike made it home safe and sound yesterday evening, and there was celebration all around! Last week I had a horrible dream about Mike walking too close to the edge of a waterfall for the "perfect" shot, slipping and dying (needless to say, I was a little nervous about him leaving); I was shocked when he showed me his pictures, and the exact scene from my dream was there, on his pictures. I am thankful for the angels that held his feet in place... Glad to have him home!! Surprisingly, we have a great weekend hanging out with friends and family - Kim's husband was gone as well, and both our kids and us had a wonderful time! So thanks Kim!! Here is the cutest pic of Ephraim and Naomi (2 total heartbreakers in the making!!):

On another note, I have always wanted to use this quote with a picture, and thanks to JS and her great course, I finally have an excuse to use it!! The setting: the morning of Eden's birthday, just a few minutes after she rides her new bike for the first time. The inevitable fall, and Eden looking so forlorn. I love this picture, I love this girl and I love the emotion.

Just wanted to remind everyone that life really is quite precious...just in case you need a reminder, because I know I do every now and again.

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Wow!! just read your profile description.. it reminded of how i used to be some 5 years ago...