Wednesday, 23 March 2011

About a Boy

Four years ago today, a very special little boy came into the world.  He couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to come out or not, so it was a bit of a stop and start kind of a few days.  However, he did manage to find his way and when he did, he was "born with the caul".  A rare occurrence, the amniotic sac was still over his face when he was born.  The midwife explained to us that in medieval times the appearance of a caul on a newborn baby was seen as a sign of good luck and was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness.  We didn't think much of it, just happy to have a healthy, amazing and perfect little boy.    

Ephraim just a few minutes after birth

Ephraim at 1 year old.

Ephraim at 2...

and Ephraim at 3

Since then, Ephraim has filled our lives with joy and happiness and silliness that I could never have imagined.  He has his moments (see this post for the most recent...), but he is such a loving boy, full of life and passion.  We love him incredibly and cannot imagine what our lives would be without him! 

and the ripe old age of 4!

So, here is to a little boy who has me wrapped around his little pinky, who gives the best kisses and hugs, who loves snuggling with his daddy, who refuses to learn how to blow his nose and who is compassionate and loving and courageous and encouraging beyond his years.

Happy birthday to a little boy who is destined for great things.  


Annette Staves said...

Happy Birthday, Ephraim!!

Kimberlee said...

Happy belated birthday!