Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Week in the Life: Friday

Every day it seems I have fewer and fewer pictures. That could be one of two reasons: one, I am just getting that much better at taking the 'right' shots or two, I am kind of getting tired of taking photos. Truth be told, it is probably the second option. I find myself forgetting to take pictures, which is really odd, considering that has all I have really been doing for the past five days. Ah well, tomorrow is another day...

Mike is usually the first one up, and is usually the one to make the coffee in the morning. Bless him.

The kids have a number of spots in the house where they eat breakfast, and this little piece of floor (especially in the winter - which is what it feels like right now- as it is right in front of a very warm heat register) is a favourite. Just add the handy-dandy foot stool, and voila! a table for breakfast.

Mike reading the paper...

The morning ritual of doing hair. Aaralyn loves having 'bunwiches' in her hair, but Eden prefers absolutely nothing. Just a brush and she's done.

The backpacks ready to go by the front door.

Ephraim spent the morning outside, helping me out by "weeding". Thankfully the toys in the backyard were more interesting and the help stopped just as quickly as it began.

I got a call from the school that Aaralyn wasn't feeling well, so Ephraim and I went to pick her up a bit early.

And since as soon as I picked Aaralyn up from the school, she magically felt better, we decided to head over to Costco to pick up some much needed groceries.

Aaralyn got a hold of the camera on the way home - a view from the back of the van of some very fancy red rain boots.

Back home again, practicing Aaralyn's reading.

Wiping yet another nose - lots of greenies around this house the last few days. I can't wait until Ephraim figures out how to actually blow his nose. Up until now, he has refused.

Mike came home a bit early and got started on the plumbing. (be still my beating heart) He was successful and we now have a pipe from our bathtub to the stack that doesn't dip a foot from the roof. Thanks Mike!!

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