Monday, 3 May 2010

A Week in the Life: Monday

Holy smokes, this is alot of work. And I'm finding it really hard to see the extra-ordinary in the ordinary. So, this project has been good for that - I am changing my focus a bit and trying to see that the every day stuff - receipts from the grocery store, my kids hanging from the railing, the fact that our Monday routine is pretty much set in stone - is what makes life, life. Today, this may seem ordinary, but in twenty (or forty or sixty) years, someone will be looking at this album and see the extraordinary in our lives on Monday, May 3, 2010 (or at least that is the hope...).

Here's a few pictures from Monday:

Making coffee - #1 on the list of things to do each and every day

The kids cuddling with Daddy before doing anything else each morning. I think this is probably one of their favourite things to do each day. And it has to be Daddy - Mommy just doesn't cut it.

Mike is home on Monday mornings, and decided that today would be a good day to tear out a few walls in the basement. Time to call the plumber!

Getting ready for my run...

Aaralyn greets me each and every day with that little wave from the bus. I love it!

These games of chase inevitably lead to someone smashing their head or getting frustrating or slipping on one of the toys on the ground. But they must love it, because they play this game ALOT.

We are one of those parents that allow (and even encourage) our kids to climb the banisters. It causes some problems when we go to people's houses where this kind of behaviour isn't looked upon as appropriate. They are old enough now to know that it isn't a good idea to do this at other people's houses...

Off to Superstore for the weekly shopping. We always stop halfway through the shopping trip at the bakery and grab ourselves a croissant to munch on - 'croissant' is apparently their first French word.

And Eden arriving home on the bus...

The weekly scavenger hunt for library books. I'm quite sure our family alone paid for the recent renovation at our library through the fines we accumulate. But, we LOVE our weekly trip to the library.

'Playing' piano - both Eden and Aaralyn have started lessons, but have a great time just playing around on the keys.

Once again at the computer, uploading pics. I find myself in front of this screen quite a bit. Sometimes it is legitimate, other times - not so much.

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